Australian Champion
Gunwise Total Eclipse. CD.
2/10/1981 - 1995.
Sire: CH. Cabal The Luv Machine
Dam: Spandool Silver Whisper CD.
Coreys' song is "Total Eclipse of the Heart".
Inbreeding co-efficient was 9.01168%

'Corey' was the pick of only my second litter, and there will only ever be one Corey!Not just because he was my first homebred Champion, but also because in him, mother nature gave me a benchmark(she never will give anybody the perfect dog) to judge all other dogs by! He was a truely great dog and became the foundation sire of this kennel. His superb true through action and merry nature can still be found in my cockers to this day! He was a strongly angulated and totally balanced dog, with great reach and drive rarely seen. Those that knew good movement called him the "grasscutter" as his feet skimmed the ground in long effortless strides and there was never any waste of energy in up and down pounding.
The incessant wagging tail completed the truely efficient bustling movement that should be typical of the breed.He was 15 3/4'' tall and in hard show condition weighed 15.5 kg because of his density of bone and well developed chest and spring of rib.His lovely head and expression won him many Best Headed sweepstakes atboth All Breeds and Specialities alike. He was titled at 14 months (with a novice on the end of the lead) and was a consistent Challenge andBest of Breed winner throughout his show career.
His In Group and In Show wins are too numerous to list, but the highlight was winning his Specialty
Best in Show at The Cocker Spaniel Club of the ACT  on 17/11/1984under breed specialist Mr Guy Spagnolo. NSW.
At his very last show he won Veteran in Show at the Inaugural Champ Show ofThe Sporting Spaniel Society of NSW  on 30/4/1994 underMrs Phyllis Woolf of Colinwood Kennels, England.Her comment was
"Lovely type. the type we are all trying so hard to retain, and still moves so well", he was 12 years at the time.When much younger 'Corey' had to have a holiday from shows to get hisCompanion Dog in Obedience, as he refused to let me change the rules.You see in the show ring "stand" meant "in front and show", but in obedience itmeans "stand in the heel position". Well not 'Corey', He would stompinto the "show" position and give me the dirtiest LOOK.So stand became "easy" and he soon had his CDRarely used at stud outside (Thank heavens Mr John Edwards & Ann Ryan were rare exceptions) 'Corey' still sired four Champions:
CH.Gunwise The Skylark
CH.Gunwise Summer Classic
CH.Gunwise Bobby Mcgee. CD.
Ch Zelia Morning Star.
A lovely dog with puppies, he would even climb into the whelping boxwhen mum allowed, a gentle trait he has passed on to his descendents.I lost my beloved 'Corey' at 14 years of age.

To call him a dog hardly seems to do him justice, though in as much as he had four legs, a tail and barked, I admit he was, to all outward appearances. But to those that knew him he was a perfect gentleman.
Hermione Gingold (1897 - 1987

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree

Pedigree of: Aust Ch Gunwise Total Eclipse CD
Sex M Reg No. 640229
Date of Birth 2/10/1981 Breed Cocker Spaniel
Owner Ms Carol L Dawson Breeder Ms Carol L Dawson
Colour & Markings Blue Roan Call Name Corey
Aust Ch Cabal The Luv Machine Aust Ch Marsden Blue Venture Ch & NZ Ch Dandaul Dubarry Aust Ch Dolgelly High Venture High Venture of Ware
Ewhurst Pentavy Pompadour
Aust Ch Dandaul Yum Yum Colinwood Pawnee
Edenbah Cindy Lou
Marsden Make Time CH Maragown Marechal Dandaul Dubarry
Marsden Mardi Gras
Aust Ch Marsden Monkey Business Greenglen Blue Joker
Phildale Lady Margolin
Aust Ch Creole Catbaloue Aust Ch Brightleaf Bewinged Aust Ch Feenix Fly by Night Clarevale Outback
Huntfield Honeyglow
Aust Ch Brightleaf Begracious Brightleaf Blackpower
Brightleaf Behold Me
Cabal Clockwork Orange Aust Ch Feenix Fair Trade Feenix Fair Deal
Feenix Forever Amber
Aust Ch Cabal Cassandra Feenix Fly by Night
Norbruc Jedda
Spandool Silver Wisper CD Royoni Rags to Riches Wonder Boy of Weirdene Weirdene Barnscar Fisher Barnscar Ajax
Questing Seasprite
Weirdene Trech Zenda Joywyns Blue Boy of Ware
Talwrn Riverbank Romana
Sh Ch Craigleith Dreamgirl Sh Ch Courtdale Flag Lieutenant Courtdale Colinwood Seahawk
Courtdale Kinkellbridge Gina
Eng Dual Ch Craigleith Cinderella Goldenfields Minstrel Boy
Craigleith Heathermaid
Aust Ch Carlsvale Cest Sibon Ch & NZ Ch Dandaul Dubarry Aust Ch Dolgelly High Venture High Venture of Ware
Ewhurst Pentavy Pompadour
Aust Ch Dandaul Yum Yum Colinwood Pawnee
Edenbah Cindy Lou
Aust Ch Carlsvale Miss Dubarry Aust /NZ.CH Maragown Marxedes Dandaul Dubarry
Maragown Mighty Flighty
Aust Ch Carlsvale Maggie Ess Lorroy Likely Lad
Coastside Golden Mist


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